Stine Dulong, Pottery Teacher

Stine is a self-taught ceramicist who's built an impressive following in the brief period since she began making full-time in 2013. She has over 37,000 followers on her Instagram account, and her line of functional ware, SkandiHus sells in 16 shops and galleries across England. She is regularly featured in magazines and popular blogs such as Stylist Magazine, Metro Newspaper, Symmetry Breakfast. Her new line of plates are used in Tom Kerridge's recent cookbook and her plates were featured on Jamie Oliver's website .

Stine joined Turning Earth when we opened and since then has been building her practice, specialising in various hand-building techniques and working with coloured clays and slips. Stine also throws her pieces on the wheel and has recently starting printing on her work using under glazes and silk screens. 

Stine can be contacted through her website at or at