Work for us

There are several different ways that you can work with us but at the moment we have full staff levels - keep an eye here for future openings. 

Work exchange (E10 studio only)

We have several different work exchange arrangements for people that cannot afford studio membership, or who simply want to contribute their skills

Our member 'mentors' are skilled, trained potters who wish to share their experience with others in exchange for studio membership. They typically work for 6 hours a week. Some of this time is spent doing regular cleaning and maintenance tasks in the studio, but the majority of the time can be used on their own projects - as long as they are available to answer questions and sell clay to studio members if they need it.

Cleaning and clay reclaim
We also have a couple of regular
cleaning or clay reclaim positions for potters with less experience than mentors, and with limited financial means, but with time and energy to give to the studio. These work exchangers give 3.5 hours of cleaning work a week, at a flexible time, in exchange for full membership. There is a waiting list for these places, but please contact to be included on it.

Studio Technicians

Our studio technicians are paid to do the tasks that keep the studio running: packing and unpacking kilns, maintaining equipment, mixing slips and glazes, processing work through the studio and keeping everything clean. These positions require you to have a technical background or ability in ceramics and in using the equipment we provide, but are also accompanied by full studio training. Our studio technicians learn how we do things at Turning Earth, in order that everything is kept consistent (we all know there are many ways to throw a pot), but there’s a lot of flexibility to contribute creatively to the studio, for example by developing new glaze recipes. Studio technicians work during normal office hours (typically 10 'til 6, although this varies at the weekend). They also receive full studio membership in addition to their hourly pay.


From time to time teaching opportunities to come up in the studio. We have many experienced ceramicists and ceramics teachers on our team, and our aim is to support them with their developing careers. Teaching is a well paid activity that can help an artist to develop their own practice and to give something back to people who are beginning. If you are interested in working as a teacher at Turning Earth we recommend you join the team as a member or a mentor and become part of the community first.

Other roles

From time to time we have other roles coming up in the studio, including marketing and management roles, especially as the studio grows. Please get in contact if you are interested in learning more.